Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Holy Crap I Think I Shit My Pants!!

58 minutes of pretty much crap, then 2 minutes of pure adrenalin rush and excitement! The Pats pulled it out tonight! Absolutely the most amazing finish I think since Super Bowl XXXVI. it took us 3 quarters to figure out that the Bills defense was non-existant in the middle of the field and Brady picked them apart, ending with a rally by throwing 2 TD passes to TE Ben Watson in the final 2:06. Moss and Welker had 12 receptions each, a new record.

...And with 45 seconds left, the pats D was DOMINANT, knocking Trent Edwards on his ass twice. I do want to comment on the SHAMEFUL exodus of 100's of Pats fans with only 11 minutes left and us down by only 11 points. shame on you all. But who cares.................I need to go change my shorts!

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