Monday, October 5, 2009

Lewis Joins NFL Elite Of Players Who Whine Like Pussies..

WAH WAH WAH. Shut your piehole convict! Ray Lewis has decided to whine about the Ravens loss to the Pats yesterday blaming the officials for the soft roughing the passer calling. The fact of the matter is...the refs made the calls the way they were written. The NFL wants the QB's protected, and hence the "Brady" rule was instituted. Of course its all for marketing purposes.

Yes, there are those who say Brady was "politicking" to the refs for calls, but who cares. Listen up Ray ....MAN are some of the MANY reasons your team lost yesterday

1. You fumbled the opening us 3 points
2. Your coach was SO outcoached by ours....wasting that time out before the half,....which could of gotten you the ball back
3. your butterfinger receiver Mark Clayton misses an easy catch which could of set you up to score late in the fourth. So Shut it!

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