Saturday, November 22, 2008


Joey Porter. The man I hate, yet in the same breath think is hilarious....
He guaranteed 16 victories last season. He was right once, and wrong the other 15.
And this week, at Week 11, I am shocked at what has played out in the AFC East standings. I thought the fins would be looking for their 3rd win, and I would be a few more losses closer to a seat upgrade. Go figure......
This season’s Dolphins and Patriots are 6-4. This season’s Joey Porter is playing like a defensive player of the year. He is louder, and even more obnoxious than ever before.
Last season just pissed Joey off so much that he is trash talking even more this season.
He recently spewed verbal diarrhea to the fact that that the Patriots were terrible with Matt Cassel. He has said before that he wonders why Brandon Marshall was allowed to play after getting arrested. He can't believe why Matt Jones wasn’t suspended.
Now he’s talking about how much he hates the Patriots and how badly he was disrespected because at the game at Gillette earlier this year, someone punted a ball over his head when he was trying to stretch before their game.
I say let Joey Porter talk. All it does is motivate the Patriots. He’s been spewing his crum for years. Belichick doesn’t need to even lower himself and comment on Joey. Just line the locker room with many of his useless quotes!
I have to admit, he is having a great season. No doubt about it. But as I have said on many posts before (he is my number one post topic)...he needs to shut up. His team is winning. Sunday is the biggest game they’ve played this year. He should be getting his team ready, instead he’s motivating the Patriots by talking trash.Trust me, our Pats are prime for his crap. Joey should thank his lucky stars that he is still allowed to play this year after his brutal attack on Levi Jones last year.
The Patriots, with Matt Casell as quarterback, should win this weekend. Think that’ll shut Porter up? You have GOT to be kidding!

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