Sunday, November 23, 2008

A New Bitter Rivalry Is Formed !!

‘We don’t like them. They don’t like us. That’s exactly the way you should like it.’ Joey Porter said Saturday night about facing The New England Patriots.........ahhhh, how sweet revenge.
Porter, the man I love and hate at the same time made this comment last night before the thrashing the Pats put on his Dolphins.

To heck with the Jets rivalry, the Pats - Miami rivalry was turned up 8 notches today. Factoring in to the heating of the rivalry is probably the fact that no one expected the Pat's to do squat without Brady, and of course, no one ever expects the Fins to do anything.......but there they sat both teams 6-4........shocking! In a game that could decide the Wild Card a new ugly rivalry was born. It's apparent that maybe since Joey Porter started his trash talking about the Pats, the ugliness escalated. The Pats came out on top generating over 500 yards on offense and winning by the score of 48-28.

Late in the game Miami linebacker Channing Crowder and New England tackle Matt Light were ejected. Crowder lost his helmet when blocked by Light on a field-goal attempt and shoved Light, who responded by taking several swings at Crowder's head."It looked like a lack of poise," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said.

With less than three minutes left, MY MAN! Miami's
Joey Porter was penalized for a personal foul and unsportsmanlike conduct.
The Pats rebounded from an overtime loss to the Jets on Nov. 13. Since the start of the 2003 season, the Patriots are 17-1 in games following a loss.
The Pats opened things up with an extensive use of the spread offense and surprised Miami. The Dolphins' Wildcat formation was shut out after producing four touchdowns in six plays when they won at Foxborough in September. This time the Dolphins snapped directly to running back Ronnie Brown eight times, and the plays netted 25 yards."Having some time to prepare for it definitely helped," Belichick said

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