Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pats Go Nostalgic

Ah, how as fans of the gridorin we just love to nostalgic. We love the past. Its all we talk about especially when things are going badly for our teams.
This week the Patriots waded into the waters of La Jolla beach to pull LB Junior Seau off his surfboard and had him towel off with his old number 55 Pat's Jersey. He was SOLD ! Signed today to help fill a very battered LB core on the team, and put a boost in morale as the 12 time pro bowler can only do.
Earlier in the week, LB Rosevelt Colvin was happy living in Houston. He got his kids ready for school everyday and was the doting husband. All that changed at the local UPS store when the Pats plucked another old veteran out of society and signed Colvin back to the team. The nine year veteran, also another fan favorite will travel with Seau and the team to Seattle this weekend when they punish the Seahawks.
Who knows what their roles will be, but with Adalius Thomas (broken forearm) gone for the season and Pierre Woods (jaw) out for Sunday's, Colvin could get a starting nod outside. Seau will most likely be behind rookie Jerod Mayo and veteran Tedy Bruschi inside. Will he see more action than rookie backup Gary Guyton? Count on head coach Bill Belichick to utilize their skills if they can shake the rust off.
Later in the day today, the Patriots announced the remaining schedule for the rest of the regular season of nostalgic recruiting: Below is a list of players and their present positions that are on cue to return.
Week 13
Troy Brown - Wide Receiver -
Fred Smerlas - Nose Tackle - Sports Radio Host
Tony Eason - Quarterback
Week 14
Mosi Tatupu - Linebacker -
Stanley Morgan - Wide Receiver
Bruce Armstrong - O Tackle
Week 15
Gino Cappeletti - Kicker

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