Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pats Open Can Of "Big Mac Attack" On Jets

Big Mac Attack! Rexy Ryan almost went into convulsions last night after the Pats handed his team a 45-3 thrashing. He had downed the full pre game buffet and after the game there was no Mcdonalds in town with Big Mac's to fill his urge because behind the scene's he bought them all up before the game and was in a full panic at the half being down 24-3 he downed all 46 Big Mac's he bought. The fat bastard stormed out of the parking lot at Foxboro and Jeted (pun intended) across route 1 and hijacked steak tips from a stunned Pats fan, ran off without even handing the guy any dough and split down route 1. saying you guys handed Sanchez his lunch so I'm stealing yours. What a F'n stiff!!!!

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